Utah House of Representatives
Republican Candidate
District 45

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About Steve...

I am a husband, father, CPA, and current member of the Utah State House of Representatives. I am running for re-election in November. I am looking forward to continuing to represent District 45. I want to earn your vote on November 8th.


Why Vote Steve Eliason?

Here are just some of the many reasons why you should vote for Steve...

More Jobs & Lower Taxes

I will work to create a business friendly environment and fight against raising taxes.

Better Schools

I will work to ensure that we give our children the best possible education using our finite tax dollars.

More Local Control

I will fight to keep local control here in Utah and resist big government solutions to local issues.

Ethics & Accountability

I commit to the highest standards of integrity and personal conduct and will respect your issues and concerns.

Vote for Steve Eliason - Your Mail In Ballot Must Be Postmarked by November 7th!

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What People Say...

Steve is currently a respected, valued and highly
effective member of the Utah House of Representatives...

We need more people like Steve involved in public service…
While Governor of Utah I made time to teach a small honors class at the University of Utah. Steve was a student of mine and is now running for the Utah House of Representatives where I served for 10 years myself. Steve has a great background that has prepared him for this office. He is a licensed CPA, businessman, community volunteer and leader with The Road Home and Boy Scouts and has even taught in Utah classrooms as an adjunct business professor at the University Of Utah. As a father of 6 Steve has a vested interest to help Utah schools be better. Two of my main priorities as Governor were helping to keep Utah’s economy and schools as strong as they could be. I know Steve embraces those same goals. We need more people like Steve involved in public service. Please join me in supporting Steve Eliason for the Utah House.”
Governor Norm Bangerter, former governor of Utah

We need Steve’s skills…
Like myself, Steve is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). I have found that the skills of a CPA in the legislature are invaluable. Utah’s budget is more than $10 billion. It is critical to balanced budgets, low taxes, and economic prosperity to have legislators with strong financial and analytical skills. Currently, there is one CPA among the 75 members of the Utah House of Representatives. That is not enough! We need Steve’s skills in the legislature to keep Utah on the right track. Please join me in supporting Steve for the House of Representatives, District 45.”
Senator Wayne Niederhauser, CPA.

It was he who made sure that we had adequate funding for programs for children.…
Representative Eliason has been an important partner to Midvale City as we address the maintenance and operation of the homeless shelter for families with children. It was he who made sure that we had adequate funding for programs for children. Without his help there would have been no summer programs for children in Midvale. His intervention allowed children to be safe, to have additional tutorial programs and to have summer activities that were positive and would improve their lives and their safety.. ”
Midvale Mayor JoAnn Seghini

Steve Takes Time To Listen And Understand Our Concerns…
For almost six years I have had the privilege of working with Rep. Eliason on issues affecting Cottonwood Heights. Regardless of the issue, Rep. Eliason has always taken time to listen and understand our concerns. He has been a strong advocate of law enforcement initiatives and was instrumental in helping address parking issues at the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon by securing funding for expanded parking. Rep. Eliason has proven to be a friend of Cottonwood Heights and an effective representative of our citizens and community issues. I strongly endorse his candidacy for re-election.. ”
Cottonwood Heights Mayor Kelvyn Cullimore

Sandy Mayor Urges You To Vote For Steve…
Among many things, Steve Eliason has helped realize important road and development projects in Sandy as well as provided resources to improve the effectiveness of our police officers. I urge you to vote for Steve. . ”
Sandy Mayor Tom Dolan

Help Steve Get Elected

Want to help Steve get elected for another successful term? Here's How...

"You can help by voting for me, of course. Before then, you may help best by  volunteering."

There are a number of simple ways to help including...

  • Put up a Yard Sign
  • Distribute Flyers
  • Make Phone Calls
  • Host a Neighborhood Meeting
  • Other

If you'd like to help, call or text Steve at 801-673-4748.



Republican candidate for the Utah House of Representatives from District 45...

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